Getting Dental Implants in Portland, OR

Restore Your Full Smile with Dental Implants in Portland, Oregon

Do you have a missing tooth? If so, you might notice how it changes the way you eat. Perhaps you have to chew on one side of your mouth, or you have to take care not to drool. Similarly, it may alter the way you talk. Maybe you now have a slight lisp, or your voice sounds a little different.

Fortunately, you can correct these issues with a dental implant in Portland, Oregon. Come to Rose City Dental Care to discover how this treatment can benefit you.

Find a Lasting Dental Solution

Dental implants provide secure replacements for lost teeth. The titanium mental posts topped with crowns simulate the feel and function of natural teeth. Because dental implants replicate natural teeth so well, they offer a number of advantages, including:

  • Easier Eating. Implants act like normal teeth when you chew. You don't need to learn any new habits or techniques.
  • Better Speech. When you lose teeth, the sound moves differently through your mouth. Implants restore your ability to speak naturally.
  • Improved Health. Without teeth to provide support, your jaw may deteriorate. Implants fill the empty sockets to maintain the shape of your jaw.
  • More Convenient. Implants stay in your mouth, so you don't have to remove them like dentures. They require less maintenance and last longer than other replacements.

Receive Implants in 4 Steps

When you meet with the dentists at Rose City Dental Care, we'll determine whether you need dental implants in Portland, Oregon. If you qualify, you will go through these steps:

  1. Preparation. Your dentist conduct x-rays and examinations to determine how and where to install implants.
  2. Implantation. Your dentist attaches the titanium posts to your jaw.
  3. Recovery. Wait 6-12 weeks for your gums to heal around the implant.
  4. Crowns. After healing, your dentist will place crowns on your implants, completing the procedure.

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