Dentures and Bridges in Portland, OR

Missing teeth can be a painful challenge for anyone. Even one missing tooth makes it hard to chew or speak properly. This problem is worse for those with several missing teeth.

If you're tired of feeling embarrassed or in pain from multiple missing teeth, make an appointment with your dentist to discuss treatment options. Today you have more choices today than ever, including dental implants, removable dentures, or permanent dentures (also called a permanent dental bridge).

Learn Which Dentures Are Right for You

Most people know what dentures are. However, they may be unfamiliar with the concept of a permanent dental bridge. Our Beaverton, Oregon dentists offer this product to those who want their bridge to feel more like natural teeth.

Permanent Dentures/Bridges

If you have several missing teeth in the same area, your dentist may recommend a permanent dental bridge instead of a traditional bridge. Unlike removable dentures or bridges, permanent dentures:

  • Attach securely to the jaw via one or more implants (or mini-implants)
  • Provide a strong underlying structure that may reduce bone loss
  • Won't slip the way traditional bridges can
  • Are more cost-effective than individual implants that attach to one artificial tooth at a time

Removable Dentures/Bridges

By contrast, removable bridges and dentures attach to jaw bones or—in the case of partial bridges—to adjacent teeth, but wearers can easily remove them for cleaning or storage at night.

Because removable dentures don't require implant surgery, they work well for patients who aren't candidates for permanent bridges.

Consult with Your Dentist Today

Because each patient's needs vary, it's important to see your dentist for a thorough examination of your jaw and surrounding teeth. Only then can you learn which option is best in your case.

To start the process, contact Rose City Dental Care in Portland or Beaverton, Oregon. A permanent dental bridge can change your life. Find out how by consulting your dentist today.