Extractions in Portland, OR

Tooth Pain in Portland, Oregon? Tooth Extraction Provides Fast Relief

Sometimes, despite your dedicated hygiene regimen, you can develop a major toothache or a rotting tooth. If you have major tooth pain in Portland, Oregon, tooth extraction gives you a solution.

At Rose City Dental Care, we try to protect your smile as much as possible. Sometimes that means removing damaged teeth. We help you understand the benefits of the procedure so you feel comfortable going forward. With our assistance, you can use tooth extraction in Beaverton and Portland Oregon to take out painful teeth and prevent worse dental issues, like gum disease or tissue damage.

Benefits of Tooth Extraction

Severe tooth pain indicates that you might have another major oral problem. Tooth extraction doesn't just treat the symptom—it often fixes the underlying cause. While the reasons for tooth extraction vary from person to person, the procedure normally brings the following benefits:

  • Reduced Risk of Further Infection: One of the primary causes of a toothache is a major infection. Teeth with cavities that reach the pulp can kill the tooth and infect the gums. These infections often lead to far more dangerous health problems.
  • More Room in Your Mouth: Sometimes your mouth just doesn't have enough room to accommodate your teeth. This overcrowding causes bite problems and pain. Tooth extraction relieves your discomfort and can correct your mouth's alignment.
  • Fewer Complications from Injuries: If you have a cracked tooth or other injury, you might need a tooth extraction. Broken or loose teeth have a greater risk of infection and other complications. Removal prevents further problems.

At Rose City Dental Care, you will receive expert service and compassionate dental treatments. Our dentists work carefully to find the best treatment options for your needs. Call (503) 255-2415 to set up your appointment today.