Upcoming Nuptials? Don’t Forget These Three Dental Steps

Posted by John Lee - February 10, 2016 - Uncategorized - No Comments

On your wedding day, you expect a few mishaps. A bridesmaid may spill punch or wine all over her dress before the photographer has finished with pictures. One of the guests at the wedding dinner may say something that offends the other side of your family. However, amidst all these mishaps, you expect one thing to go smoothly-your own appearance.

Whether you will be the bride or the groom, you put a lot of work into how you will look when you say your vows. If you are the bride, you likely spend weeks looking for the perfect dress, the perfect hairpiece, and the perfect makeup to match. And if you are the groom, you put about as much consideration into your tuxedo ensemble.

However, as you go about perfecting your appearance for your special day, don’t neglect one vital element your mouth. If you want your wedding pictures to look flawless, you need a perfectly white, uniform smile, so consider taking the steps listed below.

1. Erase Discoloration With Teeth Whitening

If you do nothing else, make sure you whiten your smile before your impending nuptials. After all, you will either wear the white dress or stand next to it, and if you don’t have a white smile, not only will everyone notice, but it will show up in your pictures as well. It’s a good idea to meet with your dentist to go over your whitening options at least a month or so before your wedding date.

You have a few options when it comes to teeth whitening. First, you could opt for at-home whitening trays or whitening toothpaste. However, keep in mind that these methods only take your enamel’s shade so far. Nor do they work particularly quickly. If you need a dramatic shade change fast, you must choose a professional option.

Some of the best professional whitening treatments use lasers and can brighten your teeth by several shades in as little as an hour. If you visit your dentist for this treatment multiple times, you can whiten your teeth past natural shades until they match the wedding dress or anything else white you might wear.

2. Straighten Your Alignment With Orthodontics

Perhaps you already have a white smile. However, do your teeth form a uniform, elegant arch around your jawbone like they should? If they do not, consider getting braces in preparation for your big day. When you have a uniform, perfectly straight smile, you don’t have to worry about having shadows in your teeth when you flash your pearly whites at the camera.

Additionally, when you have straight teeth, you benefit even after your wedding day and honeymoon have ended. Aligned teeth ensure your jaw muscles and bones function properly, so they won’t wear down and lead to conditions like TMD.

3. Cover Flaws and Irregularities With Crowns or Veneers

Sometimes, even if you have a white, straight set of teeth, your smile still has flaws. Maybe one of your teeth developed incorrectly or just has a spot that whitening did not erase. In these cases, you still have a way to cover up the imperfections-you can use crowns or veneers instead.

Veneers represent the simpler option because your dentist adheres them to the front of your teeth. They are about as strong as your natural tooth enamel and can give you an immaculate smile for years. Crowns do something similar, except they replace all your tooth tissue apart from the roots. Your dentist shaves off most of the enamel to create a base, and then he or she installs the crown.


If you want to give yourself a stunning smile on your wedding day, don’t forget the three steps above. Schedule a meeting with your dentist so he or she can determine which of the above services you need to flash a dazzling grin.